10 Useful Apps for Cyclists – Best Cycling Apps

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Are you an avid cyclist looking to enhance your riding experience? Look no further! In this article, we will explore some of the best cycling apps and most useful apps specifically designed for cyclists. These cyclist apps are packed with features to make your rides safer, and more enjoyable, and even help you improve your performance.


Useful Apps for Cyclists - Best Cycling Apps
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10 Useful Apps for Cyclists – Best Cycling Apps


These free cycling apps will help you track your speed and distance traveled, plan your route and keep fit until the season starts.

1. GPS bike Computer


An application with a speedometer that displays the driving speed in real-time and saves the route on the map. Several tabs conveniently house track historical records and statistics on the most important data: distance traveled, calories burned, and average speed.

There is no same application for the iPhone, but several analogs are available. One of them is “Velotreker. GPS bike computer. It is a Useful app for cyclists free.

2. BikeComputer


A slightly more functional bike computer that allows you to download free OpenAndroMaps vector maps for offline use. You can also track physical activity and get detailed statistics for each race.

3. Bikemap


Application with a collection of over 11 million bike routes around the world. There is a full-fledged navigator and the ability to choose a map style. Offline mode is available only by subscription.

On many routes, important objects that can be useful on the road are marked: public toilets, cafes, supermarkets, bike racks, and repair shops.

4. SuperCycle


Another dark theme-enabled cycling computer lets you monitor pace, average and maximum speed, calories, elevation changes, and more.

The application has a lot of settings, there is a history and the ability to backup, and connect maps – and all this is free. You can thank the creator with a donation.

5. Relive: run, ride, hike


A kind of social network for lovers of active sports, including cycling. Here you can track routes using GPS, post photos and videos, share stories, and take notes.

There is a search for routes nearby, saving statistics, and a system of achievements and goals. The app is compatible with Suunto, Garmin Connect, Endomodo, Polar, and Zepp smartwatches. Click here for the Apple Store app.


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6. Exercise bike


The program will come in handy when the weather is not suitable for travel and it remains to be content with an exercise bike. The application will help you get the most out of this projectile with the help of interval training.

The service will tell you how to correctly alternate high and low-intensity activities in order to burn excess fat and gain more muscle mass in less time. There is data synchronization with Google Fit and Apple Health.

7. Cycle Go


An interactive assistant in training on a stationary bike – with rides in virtual locations and instructions from a trainer. You will see your rider and pedal along with him, changing the pace and speed.

The application is completely Russified, including the voice acting of the coach. The program works for free even offline, but a subscription is required for full access.

8. Green City


Bicycle rental service applications operate in many cities in Russia: Krasnodar, Kazan, Tver, Kursk, Voronezh, Ivanovo, and others.

With it, users can find rental points, select a fare and link a card to pay for the trip. Everything is simple and fast.

9. Smart Bike


Application of the citywide bicycle sharing network in St. Petersburg. To rent a vehicle, you need to register, replenish the balance and select a tariff. Integrated maps allow you to find the nearest rental station and check the availability of bicycles or parking spaces.

10. Moscow bicycle rental “Velobike”


Similar to the previous application for Moscow. It also allows you to find nearby stations, track the availability of bikes, and find out the exact time and cost of rides.

You cannot download the application through Google Play and the AppStore – you can only use the web version of the service. More about this – on the official website.

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