5 of The Best iPad Cases for 2023

Keep Your Tablet Protected with These 5 of the Best iPad Cases for 2023. 

Discover the top iPad cases for 2023 that offer superior protection and style. Whether you need a rugged defense or a versatile keyboard case, find the perfect match for your iPad model and keep it safe in style.

The 5 Best iPad Cases for 2023

Otterbox Symmetry 360

The Otterbox Symmetry 360 one of the best iPad cases for 2023. The series stands out as a top-notch choice for safeguarding your iPad. Known for its expertise in protection, Otterbox combines this with an impressive design. Resembling Apple’s Smart Cover, the Symmetry cases feature a clear, scratch-resistant back that adds minimal weight to your iPad.

Its substantial edge protection ensures your tablet stays safe from accidental bumps. A useful extra flap keeps the iPad screen cover closed and conveniently holds the second-generation Apple Pencil on the side of iPad Pros. Available for most iPad models, the Symmetry Folio, a new addition to the lineup, even includes a dedicated sleeve for your Apple Pencil on the front cover.

Otterbox Defender Series

When it comes to ultimate protection, you need not search beyond Otterbox’s Defender series of cases. It is also one of the best iPad cases for 2023. These rugged covers are designed to provide top-tier protection for various devices, including iPads. The Defender cases for iPads undergo rigorous testing, passing over 24 shock, abrasion, and drop tests.

Equipped with a built-in screen protector and covers for the single port on the latest iPad models, this case ensures comprehensive safeguarding. Additionally, the detachable Shield Stand allows you to prop up your iPad for improved viewing. While it might be slightly bulkier compared to other cases on the list, the extra protection makes it a worthwhile trade-off.

ProCase iPad Cases

For a solid alternative to Apple’s Smart Cover, ProCase offers a variety of iPad covers. The Thin Hard Protective Smart Folio is an excellent choice for those seeking some additional protection for their tablet. Compatible with all current iPad models and a few older versions, the case features a thin layer of hard plastic that encases the iPad.

The front flap magnetically closes over the screen, providing extra safeguarding. For iPad models that support the second-generation Apple Pencil, the case also leaves a cutout on the edge to conveniently store the stylus when not in use. Although not as robust as Otterbox Symmetry cases, ProCase’s accessories make up for it with budget-friendly prices, starting as low as $13, and even going on sale for less.

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Apple Magic Keyboard

For those seeking a case that transforms their iPad into a functional laptop replacement, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a top contender. Magnetically attaching to the iPad, the Magic Keyboard allows you to adjust the viewing angle from 90 to 130 degrees for optimal comfort. It boasts sturdy construction and offers a great typing experience, making it suitable for long periods of use.

However, it lacks substantial protection as the edges do not wrap around the iPad. Additionally, the Magic Keyboard comes at a premium price, ranging from $300 to $350, depending on your iPad size. Despite the cost, its luxurious features and functionality make it a desirable choice for those seeking a premium experience.

Logitech Combo Touch

Known for producing solid accessories, Logitech’s Combo Touch keyboard case is a versatile and cost-effective alternative to the Magic Keyboard. With a secure wrap-around design, the case features a built-in kickstand, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle to suit various activities like typing, watching videos, sketching, or reading.

The backlit keyboard offers ample space and includes a multi-touch trackpad for precise on-screen control. Additionally, there’s a dedicated spot for your Apple Pencil, making it easily accessible when you need to mark up documents or jot down ideas in Apple Notes.

While it may be slightly more challenging to balance on your lap compared to the Magic Keyboard, the Combo Touch remains an excellent keyboard case option. Logitech offers the Combo Touch in various sizes to fit the latest iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models, catering to a wide range of users.

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