8 Easy Ways to Run Android Apps on Your Computer for Free

Are you looking for a method how to run android apps on your computer for free? If you want to use Android apps on your PC for free, there are several options available. The choice you make will depend on what mobile device you own or what version of Windows you’re running.

Here are three methods to run the Android operating system (and its apps) on your computer. Some tinkering may be required.

Run Android Apps on Computer Free

Methods about How to Run Android Apps on Your Computer for Free

Method 1: Link Your Phone to Windows

If you already have apps installed on your phone, you can connect them to Windows using Microsoft’s Phone Link app. This app allows you to access apps, photos, notifications, messages, device settings, and more. You can set it up by installing the Phone Link app on your Windows PC and the Link to Windows app on your Android phone, then scan a QR code. However, this solution doesn’t work as well with non-Samsung devices.

Method 2: Run Your Favorite Apps with BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a popular Android app emulator that allows you to run apps and games on your computer. It takes up 5GB of space on your computer and provides a customized home screen with access to the Play Store. You can download any apps you want, and they will appear on the BlueStacks home screen and your Windows desktop.

The emulator features built-in mappings for your mouse and keyboard, and you can customize them to different Android games’ touch controls. BlueStacks X is another option that allows you to stream games without downloading them first.

Method 3: Emulate Full Android Experience with Genymotion

Genymotion is an emulator designed for developers that allows you to explore the Android operating system. After creating an account on the Genymotion website, you can download a free version of the software for personal use.

Genymotion uses VirtualBox to emulate Android, so you have the option to either download the version with VirtualBox bundled or install VirtualBox separately on your PC. Genymotion provides a variety of device templates that determine the screen resolution, Android version, and resources allotted to the emulator.

While you can navigate the home screen, launch apps, and emulate GPS location, you won’t have access to custom versions of Android, and its integration with your PC isn’t as seamless as BlueStacks.

Use Android-x86 to Run Android Apps on Your Computer for Free

Android-x86(Opens in a new window) is a version of Android designed specifically for x86-based PC architecture. This means that it can be installed on a PC just like any other operating system, and any app that works on Android can be run on it.

You will need to download the ISO file from the Android-x86 website, burn it to a USB drive or DVD, and boot your PC from that device to install Android-x86. Once installed, you can access the Google Play Store and download any app you want.

ARC Welder to Run Android Apps on Your Computer for Free

ARC Welder is a Chrome extension that allows you to run Android apps inside Chrome on your PC. You’ll need to download the ARC Welder extension from the Chrome Web Store, then install the APK file of the app you want to run. The app will open in a new tab inside Chrome, and you can interact with it just like you would on an Android device.

AirDroid to Run Android Apps on Your PC for Free

AirDroid is a mobile app that allows you to control your Android device from your PC. You can use AirDroid to mirror your Android screen on your PC, and then control your Android device using your PC’s keyboard and mouse. This allows you to run Android apps on your PC while still using your phone or tablet as the actual device.

Anbox Run Android Apps on Your PC for Free

Anbox is a Linux-based Android emulator that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. Anbox is designed to integrate with your Linux desktop, so you can run Android apps in their own windows alongside your other desktop applications. Anbox is still in development, so it may not be as stable as some of the other options on this list.

VirtualBox to Run Android Apps on Your PC for Free

VirtualBox is a free virtualization software that allows you to run multiple operating systems on your PC at the same time. This means that you can install Android as a virtual machine inside VirtualBox and run Android apps on your PC.

You’ll need to download the Android ISO file and install it as a virtual machine in VirtualBox. Once installed, you can run Android and any app you want just like you would on a real Android device.

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