Amazon Fire Max 11 Price Dropped in End-of-Summer Sale

Do you know that the Amazon Fire Max 11 Price Dropped in the End-of-Summer Sale? The Amazon Fire Max 11 is a captivating device from Amazon, boasting a large display and impressive specifications, along with useful accessories, all while being budget-friendly. Some even see it as a viable alternative to the iPad but at a much more affordable price.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Price Dropped in End-of-Summer Sale

Big Discount Alert

As an Amazon device, you can expect occasional discounts, and right now is one of those times. The Fire Max 11 is currently available on sale for just £159.99 on Amazon UK. This represents a substantial £90 discount from its regular price of £249.99, marking one of the most significant discounts the tablet has seen recently.

Storage Options and Advertisements

This price applies to the Fire Max 11 model with 64GB of storage. Keep in mind that this version displays ads on the home screen. For £10 more, you can opt for the ad-free model. However, please note that this price includes only the tablet itself, without any additional accessories such as the keyboard or stylus pen that Amazon offers separately.

128GB Model Prices

If you require more storage, the 128GB model is available for £199.99, again with lock screen ads. The ad-free 128GB model costs £209.99. For those looking for the ad-free 128GB model with the keyboard cover, it is currently priced at £299.99. The top-of-the-line Max 11 variant, complete with the keyboard cover and stylus pen, is available for £334.97.

An Affordable and Feature-Packed Choice

The Amazon Fire Max 11 offers impressive features at an accessible price point. It boasts a fantastic display, solid performance, and excellent battery life. The additional stylus and keyboard attachments make it a versatile device suitable for both productivity and entertainment. However, it’s worth noting that the device does not have access to the Play Store. Nonetheless, the Amazon App Store should provide you with most of the apps you need.


In summary, the Amazon Fire Max 11 is a compelling option, especially given its current discounted prices. With its impressive specs and affordable range, it could be an excellent addition to your tech collection. If it aligns with your needs, Amazon’s current offerings make it a tempting choice.

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