Apple Watch Ultra 2: Is It Really Worth It?

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Is It Really Worth It?

What do you know about the Apple Watch Ultra 2? The first handling shows few differences compared to the previous one. Apple’s new most high-end connected watch has been available on the market since 2022. However, it seems that the delays in receiving it are quite long, even if some have already had theirs. This is the case of Joe Wituschek of the media BGR. He also owned a first-generation Watch Ultra and was therefore able to compare the two.

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Thus, on September 24, Joe shared his feelings about the ULTRA 2, in an article published on BGR.

Visually It’s The Same Thing

What immediately struck Joe when he first saw Apple’s new watch was how it looked exactly the same as the previous one. You just need to place the two variations side by side to see it.

Especially since, and as has been noted by many Internet users, notably iOS developer Steve Moser, Apple has not modified the engraving on the back of its latest connected watch. This means that once it is turned off, it cannot be differentiated from the previous one.

Apple Watch Ultra 2
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The only interesting feature?

Apple presented a new feature during Keynote that appealed to many people, namely the double tap. Unfortunately, Joe was unable to try this addition as it is not yet available. However, it should be done during the month of October.

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In addition to the brightest screen Apple has ever designed, the Watch Ultra 2 now supports Siri without using the Cloud. This allows immediate responsiveness from the assistant, which according to Joe Wituschek is very satisfactory.

If You Already Own An Ultra, Don’t Upgrade To The 2

Looking at the different tests and reviews, we realize one thing: the Apple Watch Ultra 2 does not offer features that really make the difference compared to the previous one. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman even calls the new smartwatch ” the least significant year-over-year iOS-based product update to date.”

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As for the question of whether this Ultra 2 is worth it, the answer is that it depends on each person. If you already own an Ultra, this change doesn’t seem like the wisest move. However, if you don’t have one or if you own an older model, don’t hesitate!

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