The 10 Best Neural Network Tools To Help You Write Code

Many services for neural network tools are available for free but with limitations. There are several neural network tools and libraries that can assist you in writing code. These tools leverage machine learning techniques to aid in various aspects of code generation and understanding. Here are a few examples:

The 10 Best Neural Network Tools To Help You Write Code

The 10 Best Neural Network Tools To Help You Write Code

1. GitHub Copilot

Githum Copilot is included in one of the best Neural Network Tools To Help You Write Code. Copilot is best suited for automatic code completion. The tool will help you save time by adding new stitch options and completing fragments in real-time. The service is also able to optimize and improve the already written code.

The system operates on the basis of the GPT‑4 model. It is compatible with all current development environments, including Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains. Copilot has support for voice commands to quickly enter queries in natural language. The tool can also be used for code analysis – the neural network will add explanations to blocks written by other developers.

Copilot subscriptions cost $10 per month for individuals and $19 per month per user for organizations.

GitHub Copilot


It is one of the best Neural Network programs. Blackbox AI offers several tools to help you write efficient code faster. In addition, you can select suitable fragments from ready-made examples. The service supports code completion in dozens of popular programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Ruby, and many more.

With Blackbox, you can search for the code you need among millions of open-source repositories right from your development environment. Also, the system is able to convert any natural language question into code.

The basic capabilities of Blackbox AI are limited, to disable the limit on the number of requests to the neural network and access to extensions, you will have to subscribe to a paid subscription for $ 2 per month.

Black Box

3. Ghostwriter

Replit Ghostwriter is an online platform that allows you to quickly write code, collaborate on projects with a team, and host finished files in a shared repository. The service supports a large number of languages ​​and frameworks and is also compatible with version control and debugging systems.

Ghostwriter consists of 04 main components: 1 Complete Code, 2. Generate Code, 3. Transform Code and 4. Explain Code. The first offers a continuation or addition to the already written code, the second creates a new code based on the user’s suggestions. Transform Code helps you optimize and improve code according to standards, while Explain Code analyzes existing code and explains its functions in understandable natural language.

Ghostwriter also includes a search utility that allows users to find and import open-source code without leaving the editor. The tool supports 16 languages ​​including JavaScript, Python, C, Java, and Ruby, as well as HTML, CSS, and SQL.

The system is available for free for beginners, but a full subscription with a neural network assistant and secure storage will cost $20 per month.


4. Amazon Code Whisperer

It is also well known Neural Network software. This machine-learning tool can suggest additions to the code. First, you need to enter a part of the lines and provide them with your comments. The main feature of Amazon Codewhisperer is integration with applications on the popular AWS cloud platform.

The service can be connected to most major development environments. It supports all popular editors – VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and more. And it works with many languages: Python, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, Go, Ruby, PHP, C++, and SQL.

The system can be used for free for personal purposes for small projects, and for organizations, there is a paid plan – $ 19 per month for each user.

Amazon Code Whisperer

5. Codeium

Codeium offers two main tools – a code review and completion system for popular development environments, and a chatbot that can help you write programs.
The service supports more than 70 current programming languages ​​and dozens of programs. With the help of extensions, Codeium can also be run in browsers.

The system is useful not only for automatic line completion but also for searching open repositories for useful functions and files that are suitable for the implementation of the planned project.

The Codeium tools are available free of charge for personal use.


6. Tabnine

Tabnine is designed for automatic code completion. The assistant analyzes your programming examples and then offers suggestions for extension and optimization. The system gradually learns, and over time, its decisions become more effective. The improvement depends on how long you use the tool.

The service supports all popular development environments, including Visual Studio, IntelliJ, PyCharm, and Neovim. Tabnine currently works with dozens of languages ​​and frameworks, from Typescript to C++.

In the free mode, Tabnine offers only short code additions, while the full set of features is available on the paid plan. The cost is $15 per month.


7. Refact

Refact is useful for saving time for professionals and beginners to learn. The service is able to supplement the code, generate a new one, and also answer questions in the chat.

In addition, the tool is able to analyze the code for errors and performance issues. Refact works with popular languages ​​and frameworks: Typescript, Kotlin, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and more. Plugins are available to connect to Visual Studio and IntelliJ. Through a chatbot, users can interact with the neural network in natural language without leaving the development environment.

In the free mode, the service works through ChatGPT 3.5 and the base model from Refact, and for $10 per month, GPT‑4 and a more advanced code completion model are used.


8. Mutable AI

The cloud platform generates complex code from natural language instructions. Through Mutable AI, you can use a chatbot to speed up development. The service will help employees of organizations without serious technical skills to participate at a basic level in product creation.

The service supports various code editors, including Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, and IntelliJ. Able to complete code in real-time and find errors. In addition, Mutable AI offers personalized code blocks from an organization-specific database and templates.

The tool is free to try, but automatic code completion and neural network-based repositories search are available with a subscription starting at $10/month.

Mutable AI

9. Buildt

Buildt helps developers quickly discover, understand, and extend large codebases. It is especially useful for engineers who have to work with code bases of millions of lines.

The tool defines how an organization’s entire codebase works, provides semantic search, and provides clear explanations of the content. New hires can get to grips with company data faster by asking Buildt questions.

At the moment, the service is free. It is compatible with Javascript and Typescript languages. The developers promise to add support for Python and Ruby soon. To connect to the system, an extension under Visual Studio is used.


10. Sourcegraph Cody

Cody is a virtual assistant that can explain and write code. The service uses a combination of a large language model (LLM) and Sourcegraph search to provide answers.

The tool eliminates the need to resort to the help of StackOverflow. In addition, he will help you to study the entire code of your organization and suggest doing something based on previous knowledge. Interactively writes and refactors code using natural language instructions. Generates unit tests and documentation with a complete understanding of the codebase.

For small personal projects, Cody is available for free.

Sourcegraph Cody

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