10 Best Online Platforms for Video Conferences That Will Save Your Time and Money

In today’s post, you will learn about the 10 Best Online Platforms for Video Conferences That Will Save Your Time and Money. Video conferencing has simplified remote work and increased the overall efficiency of various events. Recently, too many applications for online communication have appeared that it is difficult for the average user to decide on the best option. In this article, we will get acquainted with the 10 best programs.

Online Platforms for Video Conferences


Considering video conferencing software, you need to start with Zoom. The universal solution is suitable for all categories of users. Has a free plan. If necessary, you can significantly expand the capabilities if you purchase a paid subscription. The program is easy to use. It is not difficult to understand the settings, there are numerous tips.


  • Simultaneous connection of up to 1000 users;
  • Individual communication and group;
  • There is no limit on the number of video conferences;
  • Convenient admin panel;
  • Installation of branding;
  • Custom layouts;
  • Adding a calendar;
  • Transfer rights to use the screen and files.


  • Low security against hacking and joining the conference of third parties;
  • When connected, often instead of the host’s camera, his desktop is shown.
  • Available on all modern platforms. Download and install for free. There are two minuses – a 40-minute video
  • Conference limit in the free version and the high cost of a paid subscription.


Another popular program for video conferencing and online rallies. Immediately created exclusively for individual communication. However, over time, the functionality has been expanded and now you can combine large groups. The intuitive interface allows you to get started right away.


  • Recording video conferences;
  • Excellent sound;
  • High fps;
  • Interactive calls;
  • A wide range of options in the free version;
  • Screen sharing.
  • Of the minuses, floating stability from version to version.

Installed on all current platforms.

Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the best and free Online Platforms for Video Conferences. The free program has proven itself from the best side. It is actively used by various companies and organizations. It can be installed on a computer or as an application on a smartphone. Allows the integration of various third-party services from Google, which will help you comfortably conduct large-scale video conferences.


  • 30 videos of participants in the free version;
  • Recording online communication;
  • Multi-mode communication;
  • Excellent scalability;
  • High level of security;
  • Additional tools for communication.


  • Strong dependence on the quality of the Internet and the availability of recording only on a paid plan.
  • Available for use on all current gadgets and PCs.

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Convenient application for video communication. It stands out for its bright design and wide functionality. It is distinguished by a wide audience and is actively used for various cultural events. Slack is available on all known platforms. The system requirements are minimal, it provides great sound and high-definition pictures.


  • Quick creation of a group call;
  • Integration of third-party applications;
  • Event recording to the cloud;
  • Collaboration options;
  • User management.


The software package itself is a corporate solution for managing tasks and personnel, therefore, for home use, its capabilities are redundant, and the number of options and supported features will only confuse the average user.


The free version allows groups of up to 15 people. If you want to invite more users, a paid subscription will be required.


The program was immediately focused on the players, but the pandemic made its own adjustments, and the developers revised the concept. If earlier it was allowed to create video conferences for up to 10 users, now it is up to 50 people. This is sufficient for most events. The application is installed on a PC and a smartphone. The support service is excellent, which promptly helps with solving various technical problems.


  • HD picture;
  • Adding a moderator;
  • Sharing screen and documents;
  • There are no time limits;
  • Connection quality setting.


One can note the consumption of system resources even in idle mode.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Powerful video conferencing software. All participants are connected via a link, allowing you to invite the right people immediately. The menu is full of various options and functions. Allows interaction with third-party applications and services. Built-in statistics allow you to analyze past events, to work on the bugs.


  • Single access point ;
  • User management;
  • Voice commands;
  • Unlimited recording;
  • Built-in chat.


Recording playback is not available on mobile devices, when connecting to a meeting from a web browser, if you clear the cookie in it, it causes the application to be reinstalled, even if it is already installed.

Microsoft Teams

A cloud platform with impressive opportunities for video communication. The developers did a tremendous job and offered a really high-quality and functional product. Each user gets the opportunity to share files, add third-party applications, create individual communication channels for work, and hold various cultural and corporate events.


  • High security;
  • A stable connection even with a weak internet;
  • No restrictions on the duration of video conferences;
  • Noise removal;
  • Complex video setup.


It’s a complicated menu. Even an experienced user will need to spend time dealing with all the available options and the need to have a valid subscription to a service or license, which is currently associated with certain difficulties in Russia.


Runs on any gadget using a browser. Participants for communication are invited by link or by e-mail. A wide range of tools and settings are provided. You can set roles for participants, turn on and off the microphone, and camera, and transfer files of various formats.


  • Drawing board;
  • Customizable rooms;
  • Conference recording;
  • Screen display;
  • No restrictions on the number of participants.


Most of the features are available in the paid version and possible client instability on the new version until a fix is ​​released.


The service was specially developed for video conferencing. It has numerous settings and various useful options. All this allows you to optimize the application for your goals and conduct online events at the highest level. Moreover, it provides the possibility of using ready-made templates that will help you set the desired topic.


  • Desktop display;
  • Ready-made templates for video conferencing;
  • Record;
  • Interface branding;
  • Vote;
  • Demonstration of documents and videos.


There is no free version, only two weeks for testing. After that, you will need to purchase a subscription. Also, user complaints about failures and unavailability of the service.

Free Conference

Program for large-scale video conferencing. Allows you to simultaneously connect up to 1000 users. Works on all operating systems and platforms. Thanks to complex settings, you can fully adapt the program to your goals and objectives.


  • Convenient control panel;
  • Voice commands;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Hd video;
  • Virtual board.


The program is available for free but with many limitations. You can remove them only by purchasing a paid subscription.


The presented services”Online Platforms for Video Conferences” are distinguished by wide functionality. Allow you to conduct large-scale video conferences, inviting the required number of users.

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