11 Best Ways to Get YouTube Views for Your New Channel

Are you looking for the Best Ways to Get YouTube Views for your new Youtube channel? In this article, you will learn how to get views on YouTube from scratch. We will share practical tips that will help increase the number of views on the channel.

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Best Ways to Get YouTube Views As Newbie

Without further ado and long introductions, let’s move on to the main part of the article. Let’s take a look at 11 working ways to help increase the views of your YouTube videos.

Download a catchy video cover

The first thing viewers look at when they see videos in the feed is the cover (icon or preview). Therefore, it is important to upload bright and catchy covers for your content.

Example of “clickable” firsts

Place clickbait text on the preview, add special effects, and apply filters to make the icon look brighter. This will significantly increase the CTR of the video.

Come up with an Intriguing Headline

The second important element of the video is the title. Write an intriguing title that will encourage a potential viewer to open the video.

Add numbers to the title – for example, numerous studies have shown that Internet users are more likely to click on titles with specific numbers.

A simple example: a video titled “TOP 10 Ways to Lose Weight in 2 Months” will get more views than a video titled “Best Exercises for Weight Loss”. The whole point is that people love TOPs, and there are some specifics in the title – we tell the viewers that we will tell you how to lose weight in just 2 months.

Question titles also work well. For example, for a video with exercises for weight loss, you can use the title “Is it possible to lose 10 kg in 2 months?”.

Optimize your Video for Keywords

Choose “keys” for the video. These are words and phrases related to the topic of the video. For example, if you published a video about losing weight, then the following keywords will suit you: “How to lose weight by summer”, and “Exercises for weight loss”.

Use keywords in the title and description. Also, add “keys” to the tags. SEO optimization will help to attract viewers for free – users will find your content in YouTube search. Also, competent optimization of the video will help it get into the search results of Yandex and Google.

To select keywords, use Yandex Wordstat, and Google Keyword Planner.

Use the Provigate service

Provigate is an online YouTube promotion service. Google Certified Partner.

With this tool, you can get views, subscribers, and likes. The service attracts only live users – your target audience. For this, official YouTube Ads tools are used.

The main advantage of Prodvigate is that you can set targeting yourself: choose the country, city, age, gender, and interests of the target audience. This will help you get high-quality views from your target audience.

Your videos are placed on the search and watch pages, in the “Recommended” block, and on the main page of the mobile version of YouTube.

Features of the Prodvigate platform

To start a promotion, a small budget is enough:24.55$ per Week.

Make Short Video Intros

Intro – a shortcut of interesting moments from the video. Make this cut and add it to the beginning of your video.

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This will help keep the attention of the audience and create intrigue for further viewing. Such intros are often used in interviews – for example, you probably saw cuts of interesting moments from Dudya.

Try Boost Views

The easiest way to quickly gain a lot of views is to cheat. To do this, use the SMMYT service.

On the platform, you can buy views and hours of views – from 0.28 rubles. You can choose the quality of views: for example, the Premium+ service is viewed by live users with a high retention of up to 90% + write-off protection.

Analyze current trends

See what videos are trending right now. To do this, look at what popular video bloggers are filming.

For example, sketches and vines used to be popular – they gained millions of views.

Now the trend is a different content format – interviews, cuts, reviews, shows, and music videos from YouTube bloggers. Trending content gets a high reach and gets recommended. Also, the video can “go viral” and get into YouTube trends.

Shoot quality videos

Trite, but it’s a fact. Now it is very important to create quality content. To a greater extent, we are talking about the picture and sound.

To keep the attention of the audience, you need to shoot videos with a good camera. Be sure to use a quality microphone. Also, use various special effects, and apply filters – this will help increase the dynamics of the video.

Drive traffic from other platforms

Post links to your videos on other platforms. For example, do “crops” in communities on Vkontakte, and share links on thematic forums.

If you have other popular platforms – blogs, social media accounts – then share your YouTube videos on these platforms. This will help you quickly gain first views and reactions.

Create playlists on the channel

Create playlists for each category on the channel. For example, if you shoot news and reviews, then make a separate playlist for each format.

When users open videos through playlists, the next video will play after each video. Playlists will help increase audience retention.

Conduct competitor analysis

Research popular competitors in your niche. See what titles and video covers they use. Be sure to study popular content – videos with a large number of views, likes, and comments. This way you will understand what your target audience likes.

Competitor analysis will help you find new growth points: for example, interesting ideas and “tricks” can be integrated into your content.


The practical tips from the article will help you gain and increase views on YouTube. Use all methods, especially since most of the tips do not require financial costs.

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