The 10 Best Construction Apps to Enhance Your Business

Unveil an exhaustive compilation of the 10 best construction apps meticulously crafted to elevate your business operations and amplify efficiency. Witness a seamless fusion of project management, enhanced communication, unfettered access to invaluable resources, and the fine-tuning of your workflow by deploying these potent tools. From precise estimations and meticulous scheduling to seamless collaboration and detailed documentation, these construction applications shall propel your enterprise toward unparalleled heights. Embark on the journey of harnessing technology to unleash maximum productivity and steer triumph in the dynamic realm of the construction industry.

The 10 Best Construction Apps to Enhance Your Business

Creating a floor plan, designing in 3D, selecting furniture, and finding wallpapers – your smartphone will help you with everything.

The 10 Best Construction Apps to Enhance Your Business

Search for ideas and products

1. Houzz – interior design ideas

This is an inspirational service. It contains millions of photographs of various designs, from decorating a small room to a finished project for an entire house.

Ideas you like can be saved, supplemented with your notes, and sent to loved ones. It is also possible to ask a question to the author of the design project, pick up various interior elements and even find a contractor for your repair.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is considered one of the best construction apps where we can take different ideas. The largest source of ideas and original solutions, including home renovation and decor. It is enough to form the necessary request – and you can scroll through an endless tape of ready-made examples.

How to arrange furniture or save space, what curtain material best suits your walls and floor, or where to find your favorite chair – Pinterest is ready to help with everything.

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3. Yandex – with Alice

A smart camera will be useful in the Yandex application. It will allow you to quickly recognize and find your favorite wallpaper, furniture, or various decor items. To do this, just select the “Search” mode and point the phone at the object of interest – the application will find the same or similar piece of furniture. If you like something, you can click on the image and go to the store’s website.

This will work even if you liked the couch on Pinterest. The algorithm is almost the same: save the picture, then open the smart camera in the application, switch to the “Search” mode, and upload an image from the gallery. The camera recognizes objects in the picture, finds similar ones, and tells you in which stores you can buy them.

4. Dulux Visualizer

Great app for color matching. Different shades can be “try on” on your walls with the help of a photo. And if you want to find a color that you liked in the store, then it can also be read through the camera.

There are many ready-made designs available in Dulux Visualizer, indicating the shades used in the design. They will help you choose a palette that is suitable for your apartment.

Layout and design

5. Planner 5D

This is a real find for interior design in a room of any size. There is everything here, from the layout of the premises with the layout of walls and floors to the decor and landscape design of the surrounding area. You can quickly create a visual layout of the room in 2D and 3D modes, as well as “try on” various furniture and interior elements before buying.

6. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is also one of the best construction apps. It is analog with an intuitive interface and the ability to design residential premises in 3D. Here, too, you can create a full-fledged design project – from the stage of planning rooms to decor.

The application features a large selection of furniture with the ability to change sizes and colors, as well as import pictures as textures.

7. Magicplan

An app with a focus on creating a detailed space plan. It will help to think over the arrangement of cabinets, sofas, and tables, as well as possible redevelopment.

You can create visual sketches using the gadget’s camera in two-dimensional and three-dimensional projection. The application, although in English, is quite suitable for a visual presentation of your plans.

8. AR Plan 3D

AR Plan 3D is one of the best construction apps. The application allows using a virtual ruler through the gadget’s camera to measure the perimeter and height of rooms, windows, and doors, as well as various objects.

Based on the measurements, you can get a detailed plan of the room. And each plane on it can be disassembled separately, indicating all sizes and distances up to a millimeter.

Material calculation

9. Construction calculator

Convenient counter of the amount of materials that may be required for repairs. For example, it has a calculation of the number of bathroom tiles, the amount of paint for a given area, as well as the consumption of wallpaper and skirting boards.

In addition, a ruler, a notepad for notes, a function for saving calculations, and various converters are available in the application. On iOS, this program is not available, but there is a similar tool.

10. PROlab / CalcBook Lite

PROrab is a simple repair budgeting app. It will allow you to calculate the number of building materials for walls, floors, and ceilings, including plaster, drywall, and wallpaper.

There is no such application for iOS, but there are analogs. Among them is CalcBook Lite with various building materials calculators.

What mobile applications have helped you with repairs? Tell us in the comments.

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