Controversial Minecraft Character Steve to Be Banned from Competitive Smash Bros

  • Controversial Selection of Steve in Smash Due to Recently Discovered Toolset Glitch

Do you know that the Controversial Minecraft Character Steve to Be Banned from Competitive Smash Bros? After being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in October 2020, Steve from Minecraft has faced mounting criticism for being an overpowered and broken character. The inclusion of a newly discovered glitch that provides a competitive advantage has reignited discussions and resulted in widespread bans of the character in the Smash Bros. competitive scene.

Controversial Minecraft Character Steve to Be Banned from Competitive Smash Bros

From the outset, Steve has been a source of frustration for players due to his combo potential and extensive ranged attacks. Additionally, few characters in the game provide an effective counter to him, making him even more difficult to combat. Calls to ban the character have persisted since his release, and with the new glitch discovery, those who opposed him are now gaining ground. The glitch pushes Steve from being overpowered to outright unfair. Thus making the banning of the character from tournaments a necessary step.

What Issues Does Steve Present in Smash Bros.? Controversial Minecraft Character Steve to Be Banned from Competitive Smash Bros

  • Steve’s Glitch in Smash Bros. Causes Concerns over Balance and Fairness in Competitive Play

Steve’s recent discovery of a glitch associated with his recoil animations has sparked debate in the Super Smash Bros. community. This glitch allows Steve to recover at a faster rate than other characters, which enables him to break combos and retaliate before his opponent can act, creating an unfair advantage. While this was not an intentional part of Steve’s toolset, it has become a part of his gameplay.

However, with Nintendo no longer releasing balance updates for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the responsibility of managing Steve’s glitch falls on tournament organizers. They must decide whether to ban the character or the specific strategy that exploits the glitch.

Banning the strategy is complicated because it requires reviewing replays and verifying if a player is breaking the rules which can be a time-consuming process, particularly in online tournaments. Due to this, some organizers have chosen to ban Steve entirely rather than manage the specific strategy.

Juan Manuel DeBiedma, a well-known Super Smash Bros. player and organizer of The Coinbox, recently announced that Steve would be banned from their tournament until further notice. This decision follows the lead of other tournament organizers across the US who have also banned the character. The situation remains a topic of discussion and concern in the Super Smash Bros. community.

The extent of Steve’s Ban in the Super Smash Bros Community

Data organizer for the Smash community, Barnard’s Loop, has compiled information on the current status of Steve’s ban across states. However, there is currently no widespread agreement on how strictly organizers are dealing with the character. Some tournaments are imposing restrictions such as permitting him only in local tournaments and not in state-level events. Nevertheless, in his video, Hungrybox suggests that The Coinbox’s decision to ban Steve may inspire others to follow suit, and only time will tell how extensive the ban will be.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is not bound by a uniform set of regulations, particularly without Nintendo’s direct participation in the competitive arena. As a result, tournament organizers have the freedom to make their own decisions. However, Steve’s situation reveals a deeper problem with fighting game balance that arises when the developer ceases to support the game. While the community has had to develop its own competitive rules since the final patch was released in December 2021. Steve is being banned by some tournaments and will likely be a controversial pick in others.

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