Getting in the Spring Mood: Essential Gadgets for Geek Girls

With the onset of spring, many girls want to spend more time in nature, take care of their health, create good habits, and arrange beauty rituals. We share useful gadgets that girls who are interested in high technology will definitely like and will create a spring mood. In today’s post, we are selecting some of the best Essential Gadgets for Geek Girls.

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Essential Gadgets for Geek Girls

Portable charging station

If you want to spend a weekend in nature, organize a romantic dinner in the courtyard of a country house, or play it safe in case of power outages, then a small charging station will be a great helper. While the usual power bank is designed to recharge low-power devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other gadgets, the station, even with its rather compact size, is capable of more.

1. Portable charging station

From portable devices from the EcoFlow RIVER 2 series, you can recharge your laptop, power the lights or even dry your hair with a hairdryer if the electricity is temporarily turned off in the apartment. You can control the charging station directly from your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and charge it from a 220 V network, solar panels, or a car cigarette lighter.

Smart water bottle

A smart water bottle is the best choice as Essential Gadgets for Geek Girls. Clean water affects not only the beauty of the skin but health in general. And while nutritionists are arguing about whether it’s important to drink at least two liters of water a day, everyone else is trying to turn drinking water into a healthy habit. And this is where a smart water bottle like the one at HidrateSpark can help.

2. Smart Water Bottle

The sensor located inside a pretty colored bottle is synchronized with a smartphone – there you can see the amount of water you drink for the whole day and see statistics for the selected period. Some models can measure the temperature of a liquid, clean it of bacteria, and even play music from built-in speakers.

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Facial cleansing and massage brushes

As Essential Gadgets for Geek Girls, Familiar cleansers on the bathroom shelf are unlikely to disappear in the near future. However, there are gadgets that make their use more efficient and enjoyable. Foreo made a real revolution with its LUNA brushes. Soft bristles made of medical silicone vibrate almost imperceptibly, removing impurities and dead particles from the skin of the face, and at the same time providing a light massage.

3. Facial cleansing and massage brushes

Pleasant sensations, as well as high-quality cleaning, are guaranteed, and the brush also looks original and fits easily into a lady’s handbag. Of particular interest are models that can be controlled from a smartphone: to select the strength of vibrations and even look for a gadget that is lost among other things.

Hair dryer Dyson and analogs

It is difficult to find a girl who has never heard of Dyson hair dryers or dreamed of trying them out. The products of this brand not only look unusual but also attractive with their drying and styling capabilities. The powerful airflow reduces drying time and makes it safer for hair than traditional hair dryers, while the unusual shape makes it easy to style – you can make soft or bouncy curls, as well as straighten your hair.

4. Hair dryer Dyson and analogues

Inside there is a processor that selects the right temperature on its own to reduce the negative impact on the hair and preserve its original structure.

Smart face mask

With a sheet mask, it can be nice to lie on the couch while its active ingredients moisturize, tone, or nourish the skin. However, they also have disadvantages: sometimes they have too much liquid, which begins to drain in the most unpleasant way, and disposable material and packaging pollute the environment. This will not happen with the Foreo UFO Mask smart mask: a couple of minutes is enough to achieve a similar effect, and the application process is accompanied by light vibrations.

5. Smart face mask

In addition, you yourself dose the amount of cosmetic substance. In the mobile application, you can choose the exposure mode that suits your skin – further enhance the vibration with light waves, cooling, or, conversely, heating. So that the smart mask does not make a mistake with the recommendations,

Ring lamp

If earlier ring lamps were used only by photographers, today it is an indispensable assistants for any blogger and girls who need high-quality face illumination during the application of decorative cosmetics or home procedures. Using the gadget is easy: just insert batteries or connect it via USB to a suitable power source, and then place it directly in front of the lens.

6. ring lamp

The kit often has a control panel with which you can select the brightness and the desired shade of the glow: warm, cold, or neutral. And advanced devices like the LUMO SHUTTLE can contain ports for charging a smartphone and support color temperature adjustment over a wide range. if you like our post “Essential Gadgets for Geek Girls” don’t forget to thumb it up.

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