Horror Game My Friendly Neighborhood Review

Horror Game My Friendly Neighborhood Review

My Friendly Neighborhood” takes a unique approach by turning beloved children’s characters into horror monsters, offering an unexpected twist to the familiar concept. This horror game, developed by John Szymanski and Evan Szymanski and published by DreadXP, brings together themes of non-violence, goofy characters, and a different approach to horror, offering players more depth than they might anticipate.

My Friendly Neighborhood Gamew Review

My Friendly Neighborhood Game Overview:

In “My Friendly Neighborhood Game,” players assume the role of Gordon, a maintenance professional on his last job of the night. He visits a derelict television studio to disconnect a transmission tower that has inexplicably started airing a canceled children’s TV show alongside the regular broadcast. However, upon arrival, Gordon discovers that the puppets from the show are alive and eager for deranged hugs. Rather than being horrified, he appears more annoyed and inconvenienced, simply wanting to finish his task and return home.


The game surprises players with its gameplay mechanics, which resemble those of “Resident Evil.” As Gordon, you have weapons that fire deadly letters to deal with the puppets. You can either engage in combat or try to avoid the puppets and conserve your ammo. If you choose to fight, the puppets won’t stay down permanently, and you must use duct tape to keep them incapacitated. This approach adds a strategic element to the gameplay and prevents a straightforward hide-and-seek horror experience.

A Non-Violent Horror Experience:

Despite its horror theme, “My Friendly Neighborhood” maintains a non-violent tone. When the puppets are hit, they react like puppets, falling into a heap of fabric with cute comments. Gordon’s encounters with the puppets do not cause permanent bodily harm, making it suitable for younger players or those seeking a less gory horror experience. The game incorporates jump scares and a spooky atmosphere, but there is no graphic or grotesque imagery.

A Thought-Provoking Message:

The game’s non-violent approach serves a larger purpose, as it delves into deeper themes. It is set in a world that once engaged in a war with its Northern Neighbor, drawing parallels to the Vietnam War. Throughout the game, it explores concepts of corporate overreach, society’s obsession with negative media, and the coping mechanisms used to numb pain. The narrative conveys a powerful message about the human condition and its consequences.


My Friendly Neighborhood Game Review” is an intriguing horror game that surprises players with its innovative concept and thought-provoking themes. While some parts of the game’s last act may feel less polished, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience. With its non-violent gameplay and deeper messages, the game offers a fresh take on the horror genre, making it a worthy addition to the horror gaming landscape.

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