Huawei Watch Ultimate Review and Huawei Smartwatch Pictures

Unleash the power of technology on your wrist with the Huawei Watch Ultimate review.

The race for leaders traditionally goes according to one scenario. First, the applicant releases something inexpensive and successfully sells it. Then he discovers the middle segment and securely fixes himself in it. Then the last step remains: Huawei just overcame it with its Watch Ultimate. This is a watch that should compete with the top models of Apple and Samsung – there is nowhere higher. Let’s find out what’s special about them.

Huawei Watch Ultimate review - Huawei Watch Ultimate Pictures

Huawei Watch Ultimate Review – Appearance

The premium model is, first of all, premium materials. The case of the Huawei Watch Ultimate is made of zirconium alloy, which is 4.5 times stronger than ordinary stainless steel. The screen is covered with sapphire crystal and is framed by a ceramic bezel. The back panel is also made of ceramics.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Appearance

The blue model comes with several bracelets at once: a metal one is already attached to the watch, and there is also a regular silicone one and an elongated silicone one for divers (neoprene suits increase the coverage of the wrist). Also in the box are a few extra links for the main strap. The black version has silicone straps: main and extended. However, they are suitable for any other models of Huawei watches.

There are three buttons on the case. The one on the left is used only on tracks (“Expedition” mode), we will describe its functionality a little later.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Appearance Silver

The buttons on the right side work the same as on other Huawei watches. The top one is responsible for scrolling through the menu and selecting an item, and the right one activates workouts by default, but it can also be assigned to other functions.


With screens, Huawei was doing well in more democratic models. Here it has a diameter of 1.5 inches, made on an AMOLED matrix, with a resolution of 466×466. The brightness margin is enough even for working under the sun.

You can use several screen scenarios. The most popular is already activated by default: the display lights up when you raise your hand. There is also an AoD (always-on display) variant, which is known to significantly reduce autonomy. As usual, there is a huge selection of skins of different designs (and functionality). Most of them need to be installed through the Health app.

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Here, perhaps, we will skip the traditional set of features that the same Watch 3 and simpler models can easily handle. Of course, Watch Ultimate can measure activity, and heart rate, determine the quality of sleep and stress levels, and so on. In addition, the watch is able to assess the flexibility of the arteries, the risk of extrasystole (disturbances in the work of the heart), and “remove” the ECG.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Pictures

For those who are fond of hiking, the “Expedition” mode will be of interest. It uses GPS data to determine the track, and using the button on the left side, you can add main points to the route (for example, campsites or springs).

The track is plotted on the map, so you can watch it already with reference to the area. True, the determination of coordinates does not occur constantly (otherwise the batteries would not be enough for a day), but several times an hour or less – specific values \u200b\u200bcan be set in the settings.

Water Huawei Watch Ultimate Smartwatch

Another interesting mode is also very specific: it is for diving. The level of water protection of the watch allows you to dive to a depth of 100 m, so the diving mode is very useful here. Huawei Watch Ultimate can calculate all the basic diving parameters: depth, time, ascent rate, and so on. In fact, this is the functionality of specialized entry-level diving computers.

Oddly enough, there is no eSIM support here (although, for example, Watch 3 has it). There is a speaker and a microphone, but it will be possible to communicate only in headset mode.


This is where the Huawei Watch Ultimate really leaves the competition from Apple and Samsung behind. The owner of the “ultimatum” watch will definitely be relieved of the need to charge it every one or two days. Watch Ultimate even with active use of GPS can last up to 5 days, and with normal use with a couple of workouts a week – up to 14 days.

The watch is charged using the already familiar cradle wirelessly. The process of fully charging the battery takes about an hour.

Our opinion about Huawei Watch Ultimate – Huawei Watch Ultimate Review

The “Ultimate” version is made according to all the canons of the premium segment. It has a cool design, premium materials, and the full range of features available today for smartwatches. The only thing that may not be enough is SIM card support, but most of us still carry a smartphone with us all the time. It’s not a fact that the owner of Huawei Watch Ultimate will need diving and “tourist” functions, but, on the other hand, why not try them in action?

our opinion about Huawei Watch Ultimate Smartwatch Review

The main thing is that even in Watch Ultimate, the main trump card of Huawei smartwatches is preserved: excellent autonomy. For many, it can be a decisive factor: you must admit that the same “Expedition” function would be completely inappropriate for a gadget that lasts a maximum of a couple of days even without GPS. Of course, potential buyers of Apple and Samsung watches will not line up for Huawei Watch Ultimate, but the fact that another player has appeared in the premium segment is definitely encouraging. In Europe, prices start at 799 euros.

Huawei has recently been pleased with interesting premieres: for example, the other day in Dubai, along with Watch Ultimate, the company also introduced FreeBuds 5 headphones.

They also have water protection (though IP54), but other features are much more important: for example, support for Hi-Res Audio Wireless, L2HC, and LDAC codecs, and Audio Vivid surround sound technology. The earphones have an unusual teardrop design and can work up to 5 hours without recharging (up to 30 including the energy in the case battery).

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