Weird Looking But Beautiful MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker

MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker Blue Color
(c) gravastar

Did you hear about The Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker? Mars Pro wireless speaker boasts a dual speaker system and passive bass radiator that work in harmony with Bluetooth 5.0 to deliver a robust and well-balanced sound.
Its futuristic sci-fi design is guaranteed to turn heads.

With up to 15 hours of battery life, this wireless speaker is ideal for on-the-go listening, and its six built-in RGB lights create an immersive audiovisual experience. For even more powerful sound, the Mars Pro can be paired with another unit to create a stereo system that truly rocks.

MARS PRO - Weird Looking but Beautiful Bluetooth Speaker
(c) gravastar

MARS PRO – Weird Looking but Beautiful Bluetooth Speaker

Over the years, I have come across countless gadgets, but Gravastar’s Mars Pro wireless speakers with bass boost and stereo sound truly captivated me.

They are not just any ordinary desk accessory, but a unique and incredibly cool addition that will undoubtedly draw attention from everyone who lays eyes on them. Needless to say, I was compelled to get one for myself – it’s time to impress!

MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker Yellow color
(c) gravastar

Cool but Weird Bluetooth Speaker

The Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker is available in a variety of colors and styles. Although I currently possess the white variant, my favorite in terms of aesthetics is the yellow one. The speaker boasts a Zinc alloy metal body that exudes a luxurious feel when held, and it has three foldable legs for stability. Additionally, numerous LED lights adorn the speaker, providing a visually stunning experience. On the top, a touch volume slider and various control buttons are conveniently located. This gadget’s design is straight out of a science fiction movie, making it a real showstopper.

MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker White color
(c) gravastar

Lots of LEDs in MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker

The Mars Pro wireless speaker boasts six dynamic RGB lights that add a visually stunning element to the gadget. With a button located on the top, users can easily change the color of the lights or set them to breathing mode.

What’s more, the lights can even be programmed to change according to the beat of the music, which is an impressive feature. Undoubtedly, the LED lights enhance the futuristic vibe of the product, making it even cooler.

MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker Red Color
(c) gravastar

MARS PRO Bluetooth Speaker Quality

Considering its price, the Mars Pro wireless speaker provides an above-average audio experience. While the stereo sound quality is decent, the bass could be improved to provide a more immersive audio experience. Comparatively, the Mars Pro’s speaker is superior to that of my Google Nest Hub, but not quite as good as the Nest Hub Max’s speaker.

It’s essential to note that the gadget’s primary appeal is its visually appealing design, and while the speaker’s sound quality is decent, it’s not the main selling point. All things considered, the combination of the gadget’s cool appearance and decent speaker make it a worthwhile investment.

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