10 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Graphics Card (GPUs)

In today’s post, we will discuss the 10 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Graphics Card (GPU). A graphics card is the most expensive item in a modern PC. Determines the capabilities of the computer, and its purpose. Taking into account the high price of such devices, it is worth getting acquainted with user errors that will accelerate the wear of the video card.
10 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Graphics Card (3)

Poor air circulation, lack of maintenance

Many modern graphics cards generate a lot of heat – RTX 3050 – 130W RTX 3060 Ti – 200W, RTX 4090 up to 500W for some variations, and the list goes on and on. Hot air must be quickly expelled from the housing. The situation becomes more complicated if the computer has not been cleaned of dust for a long time. As a result, the temperature in the case reaches a critical level, the components heat up, and the following problems occur:

  • drop in performance;
  • degradation of memory chips;
  • BGA soldering falls off.

To eliminate technical problems, you need to clean the computer from dust every six months and use powerful fans to circulate air. The best option is two 140 mm coolers – blowing in and one – blowing out, at least at 1100 rpm.

Static electricity

Static is not taken seriously by many users. However, even with a slight touch, a discharge may occur, and the video card will stop working. It is possible to spoil the device with statistics even when transferred without special packaging. This problem is completely solvable, we use a protective bracelet and do not wear synthetic clothes if we plan to climb inside the PC.

Bad power supply

10 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Graphics Card (3)

In general, a poor-quality power supply is a danger to the entire computer. In budget models, there are no various protections; weak capacitors need to be replaced after 2-3 years. As the filter capacitors in the power supply wear out, the load on these elements on the motherboard increases. As a result, the PSU comes out and then pulls the motherboard, the video card.

There is only one way out, do not save money, immediately get a good, branded power supply. They not only have an impressive resource but also protect internal components from various voltage problems.

Incorrect overclocking of the video card

Many users want to get the most out of their graphics card without thinking about the consequences. Overclocking requires some experience and knowledge. Relying on intuition will not work, you can quickly destroy the video chip.

However, even if everything worked out, another problem arises – the load on the cooling system increases. Experiments begin again, copper gaskets or liquid metal are used. It is difficult to work with these elements, and even if everything is done correctly, serious technical failures can still occur over time.

If you plan to overclock a video card, think over this process even when assembling a PC, laying a certain reserve of resources for this, including thinking through a powerful cooling system.

Deterioration of power adapters

The use of adapters when connecting power supplies leads to various unpleasant situations. Primarily, many of them are of rather low quality, they get very hot and can even melt. The new 12VHPWR proved to be no less problematic and regularly adds headaches to users.

There is only one way out, but an obvious one – purchase top-end power supply models with all the necessary connectors already, so as not to use various adapters. Also carefully check all connections so that there are no distortions, strong bends, or tension.

PCI slot

The weight of video cards has increased significantly and continues to increase. Against this background, the load on the PCI-E slot increases significantly. It breaks out, the contacts are damaged. We recommend that you carry out all manipulations with the video card as carefully as possible. Carefully check everything, and securely tighten the mounting bolts. If the card is too large, look for a motherboard with a reinforced slot. We exclude the tension of the power cable.

Incorrect BIOS firmware

If you decide to flash the BIOS on the video card yourself, do not rush to start this process. Make sure you choose the right BIOS and read all the installation steps. Otherwise, you will get a non-working video card, which will not be so easy to restore even for specialists.

Gently remove dust

10 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Graphics Card (3)

What is a caution or careful handling, many users have heard about it remotely. As a result, video cards with various damages that occurred during PC maintenance regularly get to service centers.

You need to clean the video card carefully so as not to damage the capacitors, and tracks, and break off small elements. Replacing thermal pads is no less demanding. If you are not confident in your abilities, use the services of specialists. This is much cheaper than buying a new video chip.

Textolite sagging

Another problem that happens with heavy graphics cards. If you get acquainted with the RTX 3000 and RTX 4000 series of video cards, you will notice how the weight increases and the values \ u200b\u200b have long gone beyond decent ones. Only the stand prevents sagging. Otherwise, a bend is formed in the central part, which will gradually lead to irreversible processes.


Remember, a graphics card is a fragile device. Any careless movement and damage may occur. Those who do not have the skills, seek help from specialists. Buying a good new graphics card is extremely expensive.

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