8 Smart Wifi Switches for Home and Office

These smart wifi switches will help to control devices remotely and set the lighting schedule. Looking for WiFi smart switches for your home and workplace? With our selection of Smart WiFi switches, experience the control and convenience of smart technology. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can quickly automate and control your lights, appliances, and more from a distance. Boost security, and energy savings, and enjoy smooth integration with other smart products. Today, upgrade your environment with one of these smart WiFi switches!

Smart Wifi Switches for Home and Office

1. Aqara H1

This switch will help you control the chandelier or other devices not only with the help of buttons but also by voice or through a mobile application. The device can be integrated into the Aqara Home smart home system. For communication, you will need a central hub that combines brand devices using the Zigbee wireless radio protocol. The two-channel switch is mounted in the wall instead of the usual one and is powered by 220 V.

The device works with the Aqara application and is compatible with the Yandex voice assistant Alice. The switch keys can be used not only for lighting but also for controlling other smart devices. Lamps can be activated automatically according to a schedule. Aqara H1 is also able to work in conjunction with a motion sensor. It will turn on the chandelier when the sensor detects activity in the room, and then turn it off when no one is around.

For correct operation of the device, you need to use lamps with a power of at least 3 W, the maximum load should not exceed 2 kW. The switch is protected against overheating. The buttons have built-in LED indicators that help you easily find Aqara H1 at night.

2. Geozone WS‑03

The three-channel touch switch can be used as a conventional control element and as part of a smart system. The device interacts with the Geozon Home mobile application for iOS and Android and is also compatible with Yandex smart homes. Communication is supported via Wi‑Fi.

With the help of Geozon WS‑03, it will be possible to remotely switch the lighting, set the timer for the lamps, and set different scenarios in conjunction with other gadgets. The model is able to execute voice commands through assistants Alisa or Marusya.

The maximum power per switch channel should not exceed 400 W for incandescent lamps and 200 W for LED lamps. The device is made of durable solid plastic and will organically fit into any interior.

3. Rubetek RE-3317

This dual-channel switch is designed for Rubetek smart home system. Additionally, you will need to order a control unit that works via Wi‑Fi. The device supports voice commands in the room and through a mobile application for Android and iOS remotely. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Yandex Alice.

Rubetek RE-3317 is useful not only for lighting control but also for remote activation of other scenarios with electrical appliances. Lamps and other devices will turn on according to a schedule, at a specified time, or depending on sensor signals. For this switch, the maximum load is 2.4 kW per channel.

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4. Geozone WS‑05

The smart switch is compatible with Alice and Marusya voice assistants. It allows you to control lighting through a mobile application. Works via Wi‑Fi in the Geozon Home system.

With Geozon WS‑05, it will be possible to control not only lamps but also other electrical appliances. You can set different scenarios for starting and stopping work, which will depend, for example, on time or smart home sensors.

The two-channel switch is designed for a power of 400 W for incandescent lamps and 200 W for LED. The buttons have built-in LED operation indicators that are clearly visible in the dark.

5. Hiper T101G

The touch switch operates within the Hiper IoT ecosystem. They can be controlled remotely through a mobile application, as well as using Alice’s voice assistants and Google Assistant. You can adjust the brightness and set the lighting timer. The device is installed in a standard round socket box without special wiring preparation.

Hiper T101G is made of plastic with tempered glass and, according to the manufacturer, is designed for 100,000 operations. The touch button has a backlight, it helps to find the switch in the dark. The total load should not exceed 600 W for incandescent lamps or 150 W for LED.

6. Xiaomi Aqara QBKG04LM

The smart switch works according to the ZigBee protocol. You can connect it with other smart home devices through the control hub. For wireless setup, you need to use the Xiaomi Mi Home or Aqara Home app. Assistant Alice is suitable for voice commands.

The device is made of strong plastic and is able to withstand up to 50 thousand repeated clicks. Aqara QBKG04LM is mounted into the wall and connected to a 220 V network. The round socket box, standard for Russia, will have to be replaced with a square one. The total load level should not exceed 800 W.

7. Avatto ZTS02

A model with one, two, three, or four touch buttons to choose from. The top of the device is protected from damage and moisture by a glass panel. Button backlighting can be turned off if it bothers you at night. The maximum power per channel should not exceed 600 watts.

To work in the smart home system, you will need a central gateway Tuya Zigbee. When the connection is established, the switch can be controlled via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life application. The list of compatible voice assistants includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For the device, it will be possible to set up a schedule for turning on and off the lighting, as well as action scenarios in conjunction with ecosystem devices. The socket box needs a square one. The switch is available in two colors: white and black.

8. eWelink

A device with touch buttons under the tempered glass panel. Through a mobile application, you can set a work timer, a schedule for turning off and on lighting, and electrical engineering. It also provides a response to voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can order a device with one, two, three, or four buttons. The switch works in the eWelink ecosystem and communicates with devices via Wi‑Fi. The maximum load per channel is up to 1 kW.

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