The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online

Do you know what is the best QR Code scanner online? What is a QR code scanner?

A QR code scanner is a device or online service that reads and decodes encoded information. QR codes are popular in Russia and other countries. This way of transferring information is found in almost any area of ​​business.

The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online 2

Reading tools are pre-installed on most smartphones. Also, special devices are used for decryption. Basically, 2D scanners recognize both QR codes and classic barcodes consisting of numbers and vertical stripes.

The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online Content Outline:

1. Working principle
2. What does QR mean?
3. Historical background
4. The first scanners in smartphones
5. The spread of QR-coding technology
6. Classification
7. Online decoding of a QR code
8. How is reading done?
9. Benefits

10. Applications 11. How to create a QR code?
12. How to scan a QR code using an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone?
13. QR reader-scanner – what is it?
14. Popular scanners
15. Popular software for scanning QR codes online / Best QR Code Scanner Online
16. Frequently Asked Questions

Principle of Operation

QR codes are ubiquitous. Such a code is a unique graphical combination of small squares. Outwardly, it resembles a bar code – a combination of numbers and vertical lines that can be found on any product. The bar code contains information that requires software or a device – a QR code reader to decrypt it.

What does QR stand for?

QR is an acronym and its stands for Quick Response. A QR code can contain any information. Using a physical device or software that is installed on a smartphone, the user can instantly access it. Hence the name Quick Response.

The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online 2

Historical Reference

The QR coding system was born in 1994 in Japan. This coding method was developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The first QR codes were used to control produced cars and spare parts.

It was difficult to use traditional barcodes for this since they cannot encode Japanese characters and special characters. Therefore, a type of coding was developed, which later gained popularity in the world.

It took a year to create the first Quarcode. Such a code contained much more information than a traditional barcode, and it took much less time to read.

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You can scan a barcode in one direction – strictly from left to right. The main difference between a QR code is that it can be read in two directions: horizontal and vertical. This allows you to store more data. In addition, to scan a QR code, you do not need to hold the device in any particular position. Information is recognized from any angle.

The first scanners in smartphones

Smartphones with a pre-installed QR code reader were first introduced in 2002 in Japan. This has led to an increase in the popularity of QR technology. This method of coding began to be used by many companies from different fields of activity.

Distribution of QR-coding technology

Already in 2004, ordinary users knew how to use a QR code, and why it was needed. Technology continued to improve rapidly. Quar codes gained even more popularity in 2008 with the advent of the first iPhone.

In 2012, QR Code was awarded the Good Design Award for achievements in industrial design. At that time, this coding method was found everywhere: on billboards, in magazines, in leaflets, etc.

And in our time, Denso Wave employees are working fruitfully on the design and functionality of QR codes.

The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online 2


There are many ways in which Quar codes can be used, but there are four main types of coding that are often used.

  • Digital coding. This method is used to record information consisting of decimal digits. One message can contain up to 7089 characters.
  • Alphanumeric method. In this way, numbers from 0 to 9, letters of the Latin alphabet, and space are written. Holds up to 4296 characters.
  • Binary coding. For recording, the ISO-8859-1 encoding is used, intended for Western European languages. One message
    contains up to 2953 characters.
  • Kanji encoding. Used to write Japanese characters. It was this type of encoding that was developed by Denso Wave when creating the first quarter code. Up to 1817 characters can be written in this way.

There are also additional encoding options. For example, structured addition mode allows you to save data in multiple QR codes.

In addition to coding technology, QR codes differ in design. The classic Quar Code, developed in 1994 by Denso Wave, is a black-and-white square with a chaotic pattern. Search symbols are located in the two upper and lower left corners.

The Aztec code is similar to the traditional QR code but has one search pattern in the center. MaxiCode is a type of code used by the United States Postal Service. This code has one search pattern in the center but uses hexagons instead of squares. Semacode is a code similar to a traditional QR but without search patterns.

The rectangular PDF417 code is a cross between a barcode and a quadruple code.

Online QR code decryption

You can scan a QR code online using various services. To do this, you do not need to install software on your mobile device. To use these services, you only need to have constant access to the Internet. The recognizer can be opened in any browser. The code is read using the camera of a mobile gadget.

How is the reading done?

The graphic pattern of a QR code is an encoded combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Each code has search characters that the reader responds to.

With the help of software, each square is assigned a particular value. By the method of algorithmic analysis, information is transformed into a form understandable to the consumer.


The QR code was created as an alternative to the traditional barcode. This marking method has the following advantages:

  • Contains more data.
  • More characters can be used for encoding.
  • The large capacity of the code makes it possible to integrate copy protection into it. This reduces the chance of error.
  • Quarcode is easier to read. Almost any smartphone user knows how to scan a QR code. For reading, you can not use additional equipment. To scan a barcode online, software installation is required.
  • Quarcode can be of any size and can be applied to almost any surface.

The QR code is recognized in two directions, so it is easier for the reader to perceive. There is no need to choose the position of the device, unlike online barcode scanners, which read information only at a certain angle.


Owners of smartphones and other mobile gadgets know how to use a QR code. This explains the popularity of this method of information transfer. The code is used to store:

  • Product information;
  • Direct links to websites and applications;
  • Information for tracking mail;
  • Providing access to a Wi-Fi network;
  • Payment information;

Coding technologies allow you to save data in a QR code in any format. To read the data, you just need to point your smartphone camera at the QR code. Information encrypted in the code opens automatically in a user-friendly form. For example, if the QR code contains a link to a website, then after its recognition, the smartphone will open the corresponding page in the browser.

How to create a QR code?

You can generate a quarter code using a generator program. Versions for IOS and Android are available, which can be downloaded from the respective markets. Online services are also included. In this case, you do not need to install the application, you just need to go to the site.

To generate a QR code, you need to specify the information that will be stored in it. It can be a link to a website, an image, text, payment details, etc. Then you can choose the design of the Quarcode. The finished code can be posted on the site, printed, sent by e-mail, or sent to WhatsApp and other instant messengers. To recognize encrypted information, the user can use a device or an online QR code scanner.

How to scan a QR code using an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone?

All Apple and Android devices come preinstalled with a QR code reader. Most users do not have questions about how to use a QR code. It’s simple:

  • You need to open the standard application “Camera”.
  • Select the main camera of the device (not the selfie camera).
  • The focus is on the quora-code.
  • The device recognizes the code, and the person sees the corresponding notification on the display.
  • In order to open a link that is encrypted in a QR code, you need to touch the message on the screen.

If necessary, the user can manually disable the QR code recognition function in the camera settings.

You can also use different programs for reading. There are many applications in the App Store and Google Play with which you can read QR and barcodes of various types.

As a rule, built-in and additional programs are used only for domestic purposes. For businesses, there are barcode scanners, as well as software tools built into commercial CRM packages. Their use allows you to speed up the process of reading and processing information.

QR reader-scanner – what is it?

It is a popular QR code reader service that works as an online barcode scanner.

  • Program functionality:
  • Reading information;
  • Following a link;
  • Connection to Wi-Fi;
  • Determination of geolocation;
  • Work with the labeling of goods;

Keeping track of reminders and calendar events.

The service can be used to create barcodes and QR codes.

Popular Scanners / Best QR Code Scanner Online

A QR code scanner is a device that is used to read information and transfer it to a computer, cash register, or POS terminal. Scanners are used in trade, services, and manufacturing. The most popular brands of QR code scanners / the best QR Code Scanner online are Honeywell Voyager, Zebra, Motorola, Sunlux, Datalogic, and Mindeo.

When choosing equipment, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • How to connect to a computer. Most models have a USB interface, through which the scanner can be connected to a PC for data exchange.
  • The type of codes being read. 1D marked scanners can only read horizontal barcodes, and 2D devices can also read all types of QR codes.
  • Type of scanner: wired or wireless. Wireless readers are battery-operated and are sold complete with a charger.
  • Such devices are convenient to use where mobility is required, for example, in large warehouses. A wired device is suitable for scanning goods at checkout.

Mobile scanners of QR codes have a compact size and ergonomic design. This device is comfortable to hold. For installation at the checkout, it is better to choose a model with a stable stand.

The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online 2

Popular QR code scanning software online / The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online

To decrypt the QR code online, you can use not only the built-in software but also third-party programs presented in the Apple Store and Google Play.

  1. Kaspersky QR reader: Free apps for iOS and Android are available. The service quickly scans all types of QR codes and saves the history.
  2. NeoReader: Versions are available for iOS, Android, and Windows. The program reads all types of codes. In the paid version, the function of exporting codes is available.
  3. Pageloot QR Scanner: The program is distributed free of charge. Works as a web app in any mobile and desktop browser. Scans all types of codes. Scan history available.
  4. Quick scan: Tool for IOS and Android. Provided without charge. There is a function to save the scan history and the ability to share data with other users.
  5. TapMedia: Free app for Android and iOS. Reading and generation of barcodes are available. The iOS version can also read barcodes.
  6. Quickmark: There are versions for iOS and Android. It is possible to recognize multiple barcodes. There is a function of volumetric scanning. Full functionality is available only in the paid version.
  7. Gameplay: Free application for Android. In addition to reading barcodes and QR codes, additional features are available: price comparison and color inverted scanning.
  8. I-sigma: The program is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. Distributed free of charge. Price comparison available.
  9. QR Droid: There is a version for Android only. The program allows you to read and create QR codes. Also reads barcodes. The application is free.
  10. Barcode: The program is designed to read QR and barcodes. There are versions for iOS and Android. Several subscription options are available with different functionality.

As a rule, for an ordinary user, a standard code reader program, which is in any smartphone, is enough. Applications are downloaded if the frequent reading of codes, saving history, the ability to share data with other users, and other additional functionality are required.

FAQ about the best QR Codes Scanner Online

What are malicious QR codes?

A QR code can contain any information, including a link to a malicious site, phishing service, or malware. To protect your device, it is recommended to scan QR codes for malware using antivirus software.

For verification, you can use the Kaspersky QR Scanner program. The service checks the decrypted information before passing it on to the user. If a virus or malware is detected, the program blocks it. In addition, the service keeps a scan log, where you can track the detection of malicious codes.

The best scanners for Android, or the Best QR Code Scanner Online

In devices based on Android version 8 and higher, you can use the built-in application to read the Quarcodes. To recognize information, you just need to point the camera at the QR code. The main drawback of the standard service is that it does not save the history of scans. That is, the user will not be able to see the information scanned earlier.

You can also use third-party apps. For example, you can install the following Android apps: InShot, Gamma Play, and Geeks. Lab, TeaCapps, and more. All apps are downloaded from Google Play or other sources.

What are The best scanners that work on iOS?

The standard QR code reader app is available on iOS 11 and up. With the help of the built-in program, QR codes of any type are recognized even in low light. The service reads the data but does not save the scan history.

In order for you to be able to use additional functionality, you need to install the software. The following applications are available in the App Store: Kaspersky QR Scanner, NeoReader, Quickmark, Quick Scan, and Barcode. Most scanning programs are free to use. Some applications offer paid subscriptions with advanced functionality.

The 10 Best QR Code Scanner Online 2

What are the Free programs for scanning a QR code?

To scan QR codes for free, standard tools built into the Android and iOS operating systems are used. With the help of such programs, information is read by the camera of a smartphone or tablet.

Various free programs for reading codes and using additional features are also available in the App Store and Google Play. The application not only scans codes but also detects malicious information saves the history of scans and allows you to share data with other users.

What information does a QR code contain?

Any information is packed into a QR code. Encoding technologies allow you to write letters, numbers, and special characters. The message size depends on the encoding method.
Most often, QR codes contain:

  • Details for receiving and making payments;
  • Links to websites and social media profiles;
  • Product information;
  • Mail tracking information.
  • Also, a QR code can contain geolocation, images, and access point data for connecting to the Internet.

Examples of the use of the Quarcode in advertising and trade

Quar codes are popular in marketing and advertising. For example, a QR code with a link to the company’s website is placed on advertising banners, business cards, and leaflets. This allows you to attract more customers and increase business profitability.

In trade, QR codes are used to label products. This method of marking allows you to save more information about the product compared to a horizontal barcode. Reading QR codes is used during the transportation of goods, storage in a warehouse, and sale.

Payment with QR code

QR codes are used to pay for goods and services without a plastic card. Procedure sequence:

  • The buyer selects the goods and approaches the cashier;
  • The seller scans the goods and calculates the number of purchases;
  • A code for contactless payment is generated;
  • The buyer scans the QR code using a smartphone and confirms the payment;
  • Money is debited from the buyer’s account;
  • The buyer receives a notification of payment;
  • A cash receipt is generated after payment for the goods.

What QR code payment service is suitable for the application?

both in offline retail outlets and when selling goods via the Internet.

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