UGreen Introduces 300W GaN Charger with Four High-Power USB-C Ports

Power Up Your Gadgets with UGreen’s 300W GaN Charger Featuring Four USB-C Ports

Ugreen is creating anticipation by introducing a new GaN charger boasting 300W of power, along with a sufficient number of ports to charge an assortment of electronic devices. Priced at $269, this charger features four USB-C ports and one USB-A port.

UGreen Introduces 300W GaN Charger with Four High-Power USB-C Ports

According to Roger Wan, the company’s spokesperson, the charger is set to hit the market in mid-August. The most noteworthy aspect is the power delivery capacity of the primary port, which can provide up to 140 W using the PowerDelivery 3.1 specification. This means it can rapidly charge a modern 16-inch MacBook Pro, even when used in conjunction with Apple’s MagSafe 3 to USB-C cable, while simultaneously charging four other devices.

UGreen 300W GaN Charger Specs

When all USB connections are utilized, the charger can deliver 140W through the first USB-C port, 65W through the second port, 45W through the third port, 20W through the fourth port, and 22.5W through the USB-A port, as per Ugreen’s table. However, if fewer devices are connected, some ports can offer even higher power outputs. Specifically, the second and third USB-C ports can provide up to 100W, while the fourth port can supply 45W of power.

UGreen Introduces 300W GaN Charger with Four High-Power USB-C Ports

A significant concern revolves around the charger’s heat generation when supplying power to numerous devices simultaneously. Ugreen addresses this issue by incorporating a built-in thermal monitoring system in their new 300W charger. This system measures the charger’s temperature every half a second, ensuring that it doesn’t overheat. Nevertheless, during our recent review of Ugreen’s Nexode 140W charger, we discovered that it became uncomfortably hot, despite technically staying within Ugreen’s thermal limit.

300W GaN Charger Price

Undeniably, Ugreen’s new charger, priced at $269, is quite expensive. Nonetheless, it serves as a fantastic compact option for individuals who require a substantial amount of power to charge multiple devices concurrently. In the previous year, we were thrilled to witness the emergence of 140W-compatible chargers equipped with three ports.

Now, Ugreen is taking it a step further by providing a compact charger with five ports. It’s easy to envision this charger becoming the sole accessory needed for holiday or business trips, even if one is carrying power-hungry devices such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, cameras, and wireless headphones.

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Looking ahead, it is important to prepare for laptops that will demand even greater power through a single USB-C cable. The latest power standard supports up to 240W, and we have already witnessed cables and laptops capable of handling such wattage. Now, the next step is to develop power adapters that are capable of meeting this demand.

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