What Programs Will Help You Test the Processor and RAM?

Do you know what programs will help you test the Processor and RAM? The solution to that question is also called the best computer stress test software. Computer hardware manufacturers overclock some components right at the factory and do it rather rudely.

Processors, RAM, and video cards immediately work at the limit of their capabilities, and users, even more, exceed the allowable threshold. In this article, we will get acquainted with the utilities with which you can test various components.

Test the Processor

What Programs Will Help You Test the Processor and RAM

Features Of Testing Programs

All available programs for checking and testing computer hardware are divided into two main groups – specialized and universal. However, they are still divided into several categories. To simplify the subsequent acquaintance with such programs, we distinguish the following categories:

  • complex;
  • point;
  • render load;
  • service tests;
  • game tests.

Comprehensive programs


Here we are providing the best solution to Test the Processor and RAM. Combines all sorts of checks, monitoring, and modules for conducting various tests. In general, if maximum accuracy is not required, it will completely replace all current solutions available for system testing.

They download AIDA64 specifically to test the processor and RAM for stable operation. For example, the main chip can:

  • Load in various modes of operation;
  • Check for throttling;
  • Warm-up.

During testing, all kinds of deviations, and clock frequency drops will be revealed.

There is a separate block for RAM. In it, you can evaluate the memory bandwidth and its delays.


A professional benchmark is actively used to test processors of various types and their performance. It also has an impressive set of tools that allow you to comprehensively check systems, evaluate stability, and identify problematic elements. All the results obtained are stored on the application server, which allows you to get acquainted with them at any time. Another interesting feature of Geekbench is that they are often the first to check new products at the stage of “factory” testing.

Pass Mark

Another comprehensive set of utilities. Suitable for comprehensive testing of a computer, including the ability to fully evaluate the capabilities of the processor and RAM. The collected results are uploaded to a special server, where they are collected in a single common table.


Many experienced users are familiar with such a program. Its main purpose is to check for stability during critical loads. Requires proper settings to get correct results.


Another fairly popular complex for testing. Allows you to evaluate the overall performance of your computer. Although, in general, it is aimed at gaming topics, the emphasis during testing was on the video card. However, given that such a device is not capable of working without a processor and video card, all system components are checked. More recently, developers have added the ability to check each PC component individually.


To evaluate the capabilities of a particular component, you need to choose the right utility. Let’s highlight a few promising options.


The simplest processor test. Allows not only to check the characteristics but even to check under load. The main feature of this utility is an extremely simple interface. Even an inexperienced user will quickly understand all the available options and conduct a comparative test.

WinRAR and 7Zip

For many, it will be a huge surprise, but these programs have a built-in benchmark. The 7Zip option is especially popular. It not only displays more detailed statistics on processors but also captures even minimal frequency changes.

wPrime Benchmark

Another utility designed to test the processor. It works in two modes – light check or under continuous load. During the monitoring process, the program detects any deviations in the operation of the chip.


It is intended for testing RAM and is independent of the operating system, as it is loaded from removable media to handle the maximum amount of RAM.


If you need to get extremely accurate information about the state of the system, then video processing is an excellent test.


The most popular rendering-based solution. It has an impressive set of tools, all sorts of settings, and various options for working with video or generating 3D graphics. To conduct tests, you will need to first download a special template. With its help, the necessary processes will be activated, based on the rendering of a certain scene. The result obtained will demonstrate the overall performance of the system.

Corona Benchmark

The second most popular utility evaluates PC performance based on rendering speed. Regarding the previous option, it is somewhat easier to test here. The main criterion for computer power is the time spent preparing the scene.

Cinebench R23

Shows processor performance in scene rendering. It will be useful if you plan to render in programs that do not support home video cards and require only professional solutions.

Test the RAM

Game Tests

Almost all modern games have benchmarks. With their help, you can evaluate all the current opportunities. However, there are some such programs.

World of Tanks EnCore

In general, such a benchmark was created specifically for fans of the World of Tanks game. With it, users could evaluate how the computer is suitable for this project. However, after some improvements, such a program allows you to evaluate all the capabilities of the PC, its performance, and other points.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This benchmark attracted many users. Provides maximum precision. Moreover, it demonstrates not only FPS, but even captures the frames that the main chip managed to process.


The presented utilities and programs for testing allow you to evaluate all the capabilities of the computer. The main thing is to set everything up correctly, including the system. Otherwise, the results will not be very correct. If you like our article about How to Test the Processor and RAM then you have to share your thoughts.

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